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So it started raining in Seattle again. Until like, forever. I'm not mad about it though, I kinda love listening to the rain outside the window. Besides, it gives me another excuse to stay inside and watch bad daytime tv, cuddle with my boyfriend and make cupcakes!


Deena asked for it. Art dump!

I've been awake way too long photographing all the art hanging on my walls created by Danny and I. I snuck into his Etsy account and updated his photos, since they were crappy scans. I also posted a ton of stuff on his Tumbler, I hope he doesn't get mad!
Anyway, here's some of my stuff.
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All I want to do tonight

All I want to do tonight is make a pot of coffee, smoke a pack of cigarettes, listen to a too-long playlist, and paint until the sun comes up.

But I can't. I've got loads and loads of work to get done.

Maybe I'll make so much coffee that I can stay up all night and get my work done, then paint until my fingers fall off.

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I am the boy your mother wanted you to meet
But I am broken and torn with halos at my feet
And with your purest light why don’t you shine on me
Oh, I should have been an angel, but I’m too dumb to speak


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Take a picture of yourself right now.
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